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Light as Sound, Painting with Light

My aim is to initiate a new dialogue about the fusion of light and sound, to engage with new technologies in developing concepts of space as a theatre of meaning. Color has always been a driving force in my art practice. I decided to concentrate my studies on art while I was taking a Josef Albers course on color theory at Union College, and finished my undergraduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in painting. Today my art practice is multi-disciplinary with an emphasis on color theory. My current work is influenced by my own experiences with synesthesia, and by the need to reveal concealed realities, introducing them to the everyday landscape with the hope that they will open people’s minds to new possibilities. Aiming to capture the mindscapes of various musical structures, I strive to push the boundaries of sound experience, finding new ways to convey music as a cross modal experience that is similar to synesthesia.

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